Data Masking (DM)

This is the installation for the data masking component.

The masking service has a single dependency, namely Java8 run time environment.

The service installation procedure is very simple:

  1. Place MaskingService.jar in your target directory.
  2. Create an ‘’ file and set the port number. For example, the can contain the following line: server.port=50002
  3. Create/Modify the ‘’ file (located within the jar) and set URI’s for the Service Ledger. For example:

riStoreUri=http://localhost:60005/r/put riReadUri=http://localhost:60005/r/get riDeleteUri=http://localhost:60005/r/delete

To run the service, execute the following command:

>  java -jar MaskingService.jar

The service is now ready to accept REST calls