Federated Security Audit (FSA)ΒΆ

This is the installation for the FSA component.

To install FSA extract the provided archive FSA.tar.gz. The extracted FSA folder has the following structure:

  • bins/ - scripts and jars of the FSA application
  • docs/ - documentation files with usage instructions
  • rootFolder/ - containing input, output and intermediate files for FSA operations: CreateModel, IdentifySuspiciousActivities and GetEntitlementVulnerabilites
  • activities_arch/ - IdentifySuspiciousActivities processed input files
  • activities_in/ - IdentifySuspiciousActivities input files
  • activities_out/ - IdentifySuspiciousActivities result files
  • model_arch/ - CreateModel processed input files
  • model_in/ - CreateModel input files
  • model_out/ - CreateModel current model
  • entitlement_arch/ - GetEntitlementVulnerabilites processed input files
  • entitlement_in/ - GetEntitlementVulnerabilites input files
  • entitlement_out/ - GetEntitlementVulnerabilites result files
  • /spark - local installation of spark

To use FSA application follow the following steps:

  1. Start FSA application by executing bins/FSA_start.sh
  2. Add input files to rootFolder/XXX_in, select XXX according to the required operation (as described above).
  3. Get result files from rootFolder/XXX_out, where XXX is the same as was selected in the previous step
  4. Go to step 2 or stop FSA application