UC-3: Federation-based Intelligent Shared Index

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High-level video on the use case

Here how the SUNFISH solution at work to realise the service

Deployment Instructions


SMC Architecture of the Intelligent Shared Index.

Index Service

SMC nodes together provide the shared intelligence index service. The following steps have to be completed on each SMC node. At each SMC node, the Sharemind Application Server is accompanied by a proxy application that implements a SOAP interface so the communication can be routed through the Unified eXchange Platform (UXP).

First, install and configure Sharemind Application Server as described in Instructions for Deploying SMC. The SOAP proxy also requires a special version of Sharemind Web Application Proxy that uses SOAP for its transport layer.

Clone and run the SOAP proxy:

git clone https://github.com/sunfish-prj/Secure-Multiparty-Computation
cd Secure-Multiparty-Computation/usecase/index-service

# Install NodeJS dependencies
npm install

# Compile SecreC code
scc -o /var/lib/sharemind/scripts/add-document.sb secrec/add-document.sc
scc -o /var/lib/sharemind/scripts/add-owners.sb secrec/add-owners.sc
scc -o /var/lib/sharemind/scripts/search.sb secrec/search.sc

# Configure Sharemind Application Server names and ROCU Service addresses in gateway.js

# Run SOAP proxy
node gateway.js <node number> <IP> <port> <configuration file>

ROCU Service

Because of the query review and oblivious notification systems, ROCU-s also act as SOAP services in addition to being SOAP clients. Node v6 or newer and npm are required to deploy ROCU Service. In addition, a a copy of Sharemind MPC JavaScript Client library is required.

Clone and run the ROCU Service:

git clone https://github.com/sunfish-prj/Secure-Multiparty-Computation
cd Secure-Multiparty-Computation/usecase/rocu-service

# Point Sharemind MPC JavaScript Client library (sharemind-web-client) to a local copy in package.json

# Install NodeJS dependencies
npm install

# Configure Index Service addresses in rocu-service.js

# Run ROCU Service
node rocu-service.js <IP> <port>